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I love series, book with maps and fantasy fiction (think Tolkien and Martin) and this book has all of these. A very well-crafted story that keeps a fast pace, and is never boring. Complex and well-delineated characters. The author has done a wonderful job!


For me, mythological books always make me go ga-ga. Those who have been reading my reviews or are following me on Instagram, they all know my fascination for such books. The first look of Aryavir made me fall in love with it at once. The beautiful blue cover image and the texts and the pages, everything is perfectly thought about and created. I really liked the cover image as it directly gives you a hint about the basis of the book and for me, it is very important.

Coming back to the story, the book mentions various fictional mythologies which makes you feel all the more fascinated by the entire book. Once I started reading it, I took not more than 3 days to finish the book. The story has been presented in a very smooth and beautiful manner which makes one travel across a fantasy world, I certainly started daydreaming about the entire storyline. The best thing that I loved about the book is that the moment you start reading it, a film starts to pop up right in front of your eyes. It was a lively experience for me.

Another aspect is that the characters described in this book, you have certainly never heard of them before and that makes it unique. When one reads a mythological book, they tend to compare it with the already existing characters, thus for this book, no such thing will happen.


Mythological fantasy fiction is a genre, which intrigues me to read more than any other genre. That said, it is one of the difficult genres to write. Anita Shirodkar weaves magic with an easy yet multi-layered story that keeps the readers hooked. One of the main things I look for in a mythological fiction or any fiction for that matter is strong characterization. In this novel, each and every character is strong and unique. Each character has something to convey to the readers, just like characters of Mahabaratham or Ramayanam. Another important aspect that I loved about this book is that the language was simple throughout without heavy jargons, so it was quite a breezy read. The story flow was well organized and as one reads the novel, he/she might just feel like falling deep into the Kamalkund Kingdom and witness the story. The only issue I had with the book was editorial oversight here and there; otherwise, this was a perfect history/myth fiction.


With an arrestingly powerful plotline, a storehouse of interesting characters, and just the right amount of complexity to add the necessary amount of oomph to the story, Guardians of the Blue Lotus: Aryavir has set the bar dangerously high for books in the Indian mythological fiction genre. Set in ancient fictitious India, the Old World is dominated by the ever-envied and blessed kingdom of Kamalkund, and Aryavir is next in line for the throne. But the royal family is faced with a daunting situation brought about by the ghosts of the past, where relationships, promises, and fate are left hanging by a delicate thread. A red-haired giant of the Jabali clan is out on a mission: to extract revenge from the King. The neighbouring Kingdoms, related by blood, but harbouring the feelings of enmity, are growing restless in their quest to attack Kamalkund. The younger members of the families are struggling against the pressures of their often inconsiderate and sometimes harmful parents. Meanwhile, Aryavir must deal with a dark cloud hanging over his head which has the power to alter his entire existence.

The mark of a great writer is the ability to let the readers live the story, entirely forgetting that this world is unreal and the characters just a figment of the imagination. While reading Aryavir, it is likely you will finish the book in not more than two sittings, because it is almost discomforting to not know what is going to happen next. Anita Shirodhkar is no doubt a good writer, but what makes her extraordinary is that she can take on any genre and create works that are no less than magic. Aryavir is as much a story of heroism, war and power, as it is of love, faith, and human emotions.

Having said that, the book is not an easy, light read. It demands careful attention, otherwise, it is possible to miss out on details that might seem minor at the time, but are in fact very important. The characters are many and varied, and the chapters alternate between the lives of these characters, which can be a little overwhelming at the beginning. But Anita has the power to explain the most intricate of plot twists and scenes in a language that is simple in its lack of pretentious complexity, which together with her well-charted family tree, map and structured chapters, easily make up for the somewhat heavy content.

As parting words, I’d say, if you read nothing else this month, read Aryavir, because you’re sure to be hooked right from the start, and will turn to the last page craving for more.


May 07, 2015

Arjun rated it 5 of 5 stars

Nights In Pink Satin is a great, fun, and quick read. Finished it in one sitting! The plot is engaging and the characters are both nuanced and relatable. Though the novel is light reading, it touches on interesting themes, such as Indian society's tendency to discourage its women from embracing their sexuality or pursuing their life's ambitions as they see fit. A witty and overall enjoyable follow-up to Shirodkar's first book, Secrets and Second Chances.



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Aditee rated it 5 of 5 stars


Finally got down to reading this over the long weekend, thought of this as casual reading over 3 days. Started Friday evening about 6ish and I couldn't sleep w/o finding out the "secret", which took me almost 2 AM that morning. I even cheated slightly by getting to the last page of the book, but then retreated w/o reading it :) 
Nandita Dharkars life totally kept me going and her thoughts dominated my sleep that night. I'd say despite her mothers disaster, Nandita was quite lucky to be surrounded by folks who loved her dearly and what could be better than finding love in your best friend! The story line is interesting and has a few twists and turns along the way. 
This IMHO is a simple, light story that aptly depicts urban youth and upwardly mobile families. A very subtle depiction of Indian culture the defines todays India.
There is that deep friendship, family ties and tantalizing emotions what with Simi bua, Kulwant aunty, Tushar etc.; the so-correct depiction of Delhi socialites; there are the professionals that are not Doctors, Actors or MBA's, and instead took up the non-traditional education and are yet super smart, intelligent, rich and handsome.; There is that as* of a boss, who dates his pretty secy, but wants to stay married to his wife. And that other as* of a guy who is jealous of his super talented, beautiful, young woman colleague. There is light mystery - You are almost thinking "Obviously this is the guy" thru the first few chapters, only to find out the contents of the "letter", which make you think - Not him, then who ?
The best part of the story is maturity in which the 30 yr old handles the discovery of her mothers past, her glory and failures. The sensibility with which the young man lets go of his love for her sake; the responsibility with which a young man despite having inherited a fortune, makes something of himself to be worthy of his love.
For a first-time author, this is an incredible work of fiction! 


just loved it. Lady Lit at its best. Five Stars

By Dilip Puri on 8 June 2014

Format: Paperback

I have loved reading Indian fiction since the last five years or so. I have read most genre's including political thrillers, romantic stuff, historical stuff and for a lack of a better term 'Lady Lit'. In particular, I have enjoyed books by Anuja Chauhan and Nirupama Subramaniam.
Secrets and Second Chances is very special because it reflects our real lives in a very real and relatable way. Maybe because I am a hotelier, I could emphatize with Aryan Rai's character. The way the book weaves so many relationships in so many different ways is amazing. Lovers, friends, parents, parents lovers. it is Soooo real.
Urban Indians living urban lives will identify with this story and really enjoy the book.
I think we are going to see a new Indian fiction author who combines good writing with a great story.

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By Essie on 11 June 2014

A really gripping read, with wonderfully etched characters that engage you from the word go. This is not just chick lit but a finely written book that tells a compelling tale. Imaginatively plotted and well-paced, this book is a delight. A definite recommend!